Monday, November 5, 2012

Well, so far so good. This morning I managed to create my banner, so my new home is starting to look pretty! I also managed to list two new items on Etsy :White Garden Cocktail bag and Blue, Beige & Wood cocktail bag

Unfortunately the rest of my morning has consisted of cleaning the house... on Melbourne Cup day!!! So Sad! But that's what happens when you quit your job... you've got the day off, but can't afford to enjoy it. Oh yes, I should probably jump on Seek too. *Sigh*
 Nevermind, just a few more things to tidy up. I may even go crazy and rearrange my dresser... which is currently covered in numerous perfumes, cosmetics, face creams, body lotions and who knows what else!! There must be a better way!

I also have a few craft projects on the go, so if I get time before the husband gets home from uni,and I can get the creative juices flowing after a day of chores, I'll take a stab at them.

Wish me "Bon Chance"!!


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