Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh No You Didn't!

Oh yes. I did.

I used powdered potato. Out of a packet.

And I liked it.

I'll do it again.

Let me explain...

I made Pea and Mint Soup. No great mystery there, some onion, a little garlic, a heap of mint, (did I add a little lemon myrtle? Can't rememeber) Blitzed, served with a dollop of sour cream (naughty!) and some crispy bacon pieces.

However, I had a little too much stock, and I like my soup to fill me up a bit, so I often add a diced potato to my soups. But I had none.

So I used this...

It worked a treat.

I'd like to thank Nigella for the inspiration and the guiltless, slightly smug feeling I'm enjoying right now.

What's your dirty secret trick?


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Introducing The Ladies

Check out my new page, The Ladies. You'll find it to your right, underneath Home and About. I'll be updating the page periodically, and will try to give you a heads up here, when I do.

Go on, go have a look.

I'll wait.