About Me

I am Madame Clochette.
I am the daughter of "Ma and Pa Kettle".
I am the big sister of "Sadie the Married lady".
I am the wife of "Mr Frog".
I am the mother of a baby girl "Tadpole".
I am a handbag lover. A thrifty shopper. A cook who loves to feed people. An actress. A dancer. A singer. A woman who laughs a lot. A woman who cries a lot. I am little. I am a crafter. A creator. A mess maker. A sentimental gal.
I am a dreamer.

I hope this blog reaches far and wide.I hope you'll be inspired. I hope you'll laugh. Maybe you'll learn something. Maybe you'll teach me something.
Stop and say hello.Let's have a conversation.

I am glad to meet you.


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