Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keeping My Hand In

January has been all over the place when it comes to craft. With no major events coming up there hasn't been a pressing need to make anything... other than my itchy fingers and busy brain. I have a million ideas of things to make, some fabulous bag designs in my head, and a bunch of things that need doing around the house.... that is, as soon as Mr Frog goes back to work!

Don't get me wrong, being together these last few months has been great (mostly), especially given the horrendous year we just survived, and the wonderful yet crazy year we have ahead of us.
I just find it impossible to get anything done when he's here!

Anyhoo, here's what I've busied myself with the last few weeks.

A little sparkle to add to a special little girls bedroom door.

I made this door hanger, thingy as a christening gift because A) I'm spiritual, not religious and I think it's healthy to believe in Fairies, B) I usually buy books for kids, but I'm poor, and C) I like making stuff!

Please ignore the slightly dodgy handwriting, not the message!

I've totally gotten into making cards, so this was a great excuse to use more sparkle!

Meanwhile, as I've collected various utensils over the years, yet am running out of space to store them (despite Mr Frogs' attempts to organise the kitchen drawers), I took inspiration from my mums' purpose built utensil holder and "made" this:

A can of Milo gets a second chance at life

I didn't have a big enough piece of paper, so I used some of my favourite fabric.

Next week I have birthday cards and gifts to make... and Mr Frog goes back to work... can't wait to get may craft on!

A bientot!


Monday, January 14, 2013


I am still a huge fan of arts and crafts in their simplest forms. Play dough, finger painting, chalk on the foot path. So, I was basically embracing my inner child when I made these table runners for the xmas coffee table. (Little apartment, no room for a proper dining table. This does not prevent me from hosting dinner parties though... trust me!)
I made two, so that I could throw out the dirty one from xmas eve and use a fresh one xmas day. And it was too much fun to just do one.

Use a cardboard cutout of a star (or whatever) as a template for your potato stamper, remembering to make sure there's enough spud to actually hang on to.

Dab potato in paint and stamp away!
Of course I don't have any decent shots of the table fully loaded with food etc, but they worked a treat. I was very happy with myself.
Try it next time you have a dinner party, perhaps using some butchers paper for larger tables.

Have fun!


Deck the Halls, Part Two

Here are some more pics of my xmas decorations... I think they turned out pretty well...

Remember these..?

here they are, all ready for Santa. Yes, that's my heater.

Originally I wanted to make a lovely canvas thing as my xmas wreath... With something poetic yet festive on it. Unfortunately, time got away from me, so I had to run this little number up.
Take one coat hanger and shape it into a circle (roughly... those things are unwieldy!) then twirl a long piece of scrunched up brown paper around and around until the hanger is covered. Add a bow, some cardboard letters (that will blow off in the wind because I still don't own a glue gun), and there you have it.