Friday, February 28, 2014

Smile, You're Home


Where do you put them? On a hook, in a dish, or perhaps you never know where they are and find them in odd places, like the freezer?

We were using a dinky little key holder from Ireland, a souvenir from Mr Frogs many travels. It did the job. But, it was dated.

So, during a recent trip to Kaisercraft, Mr Frog suggested "we" make one, killing two birds with one stone; a project for me, and a fancy new place to hang the keys.

Sometimes Mr Frog gives me a hard time about my crafts (usually the mess) and sometimes... he's my enabler!

We spent ages deciding on a word, forgoing the more predictable "Paris" for an optimistic "Smile". This is the most simple tutorial you'll ever see.
I traced  around the word on the right side of the paper. Mr Frog loves orange, it goes with the awesome Aboriginal artwork we have hanging in the entrance, and I already had the paper in my stash. Already had = free.

I thought I'd taken more pictures, but obviously not. Never mind.
I painted the edges and front of the word in grey, glued on the paper with some PVA, then when it was dry, sanded the edges using a nail file. (Or if you wanna be blokey about it use sand paper, but trust me, the file works!)
Then I hammered in some hooks, semi evenly spaced on the bottom of the letters. Let me tell you... I love to hammer!

Hammering the doo-hickeys in to actually hang it proved a little trickier. That nail on the right actually pokes out a bit on the side. Woops.

I got better though.

Voila. New key holder.

Smile sunshine, you're home.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

All wrapped up

I love birthdays. I love xmas. I love random, made up reasons for gift giving.
I just love giving presents., especially when a) I've managed to find the "perfect" present, and b) I'm able to wrap said gift in something fabulous. A well wrapped gift adds to the sense of occasion about the whole affair. Sometimes, I get too excited and get it wrong, sometimes I try too hard.

Sometimes, I get it right.

Clearly, I love a theme.

It all started with the card. Silly me forgot to take pics, due to the screaming tadpole I had in the background. I also made a mistake ("Happy Birthay"), which was rectified somewhat by just cutting the mistake away. (Nobody will ever know)

Take one paper bag from my favourite store. (To see why, head here) If I love anything more than gift wrapping it's making something plain, pretty. Cut two pieces of coordinating (or not) scrap booking paper big enough to cover up the advertising. Glue.

Then add gifts, top with slightly bunched tissue paper, and accessorise with matching ribbons.

Voila, there you have it. A colour themed gift.

For AMAZING gift wrapping ideas, head over to my idol, Rebecca. She rocks.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Old Mother Hubbard

Unlike the old lady, my cupboard isn't bare. Actually, it wasn't even a cupboard, it was a book case.

When Mr Frog was doing the house hunting, I told him what was important to me... gas stove, cupboard space, dining room, 3rd bedroom etc. And while the poor love certainly did his best, and found us a lovely place to call home, the kitchen, is well.... Shit.

No cupboard space. Oh there are cupboards, but very few and they're super small. And most importantly, there is NO PANTRY. I had a tiny little one in my last place and was so looking forward to having a nice normal sized one where I could enjoy buying in bulk.

It wasn't to be.

Until we headed to IKEA and bought a pantry, made all fancy by having part glass doors.

Behold, the stocking of the pantry.

All of this... plus I'm sure there are a few things hiding on the floor... (that's the old book case in the middle of the kitchen)

... went in here. All the pretty things went up the top, and the rest down below. No, I don't have matching cannisters, or Tupperware. What I do have are matching labels, and I was quite happy to find that they make it all look pretty.

Mr Frog went crook at me for taking a photo with crap all over the bin. However, I'm a real person, I have a baby, a life, and I was way too excited about my pantry to notice!

Small things make me happy. 

An organised pantry. A styled bookcase. (Yes I feel a bit naff saying "styled" but why not put a bit of love into the ordinary?) And room for my bargain buys out in the laundry on the old pantry bookcase.

Are you organised? Or do you throw things in and close the door real quick?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life Gave Me Lemons

Life gave me lemons... actually, chance gave me a lemon tree in our new house.

I have been waiting ever so impatiently for the copious amounts of green fruit to ripen, finding out along the way that they actually ripen off the tree.


I had to use all of these!

And so...

Some squeezing...

... some sorting and squeezing...

 ... a few extra ingredients...

... a mishap with a cheap jar, and a rescue from Dolmio...

... we have Preserved Lemons.

I hope.

And then...

there were still more lemons.

So stay tuned!