Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And Woman Created Stuff

I came home from my shopping expedition yesterday buzzed. I always get a rush when I find great supplies for specific projects ( managed to talk myself out of all the cool things I don't have a purpose for!), and they're really cheap. Now don't get me wrong... there are lots of things I'd like to buy that are not cheap. Beautiful scrapbooking papers, gorgeous fabrics, and all the fabulous costume jewellery around these days. The problem is; I can't afford it. I've been unemployed for almost three weeks now, and although I've enjoyed my creative projects and working on the business end of my hobby, there is always that little nagging voice asking me when I'm going to get a job. Sad. Meanwhile, I do have a feeling that even if I was made of money you'd still find me rifling through the discount bins. I just ADORE a bargain.

Today I put those cheap supplies to good use and have just about finished my sisters xmas present, have gotten started on mums- but am missing a tool, and am all pumped to get started on making xmas cards.( Just remind me to send some... I have a tendency to write them out, stamp them, and then leave them on the coffee table... until February.)

Next on my To-Do list is to find some stores that might like to stock my Cocktail bags... Any thoughts?



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