Thursday, November 15, 2012

Not The C.W.A

Today is a day of housework. Sad, I know, but it must be done. I've done the groceries, the cleaning, made lunch and then I made biscuits. And here is where I came unstuck.

I was making a bastardised version of Anzac biscuits, partly because I love Anzac biscuits, and partly because it's the only recipe I can remember off the top of my head. The last time I made them they turned out fine, a little over cooked, but fine. Today, something went amiss. Today, all I can taste is Bi-carb, and although I like them chewy, they didn't cook well.

I will put the blame firmly on Mr Frog, due to his ridiculous request for "healthy" biscuits, and his continuous need for something "sweet" (but apparently not too sweet if he has a say, otherwise it's Dark Tim Tams all the way). I used wholemeal flour (mental) , oats, dessicated coconut, only half a cup of sugar, a few cranberries and choc chips, butter, honey (forgot to buy golden syrup) and of course the bi-carb.


If there are any C.W.A ladies out there who can stop laughing long enough to leave me a hint or two I would really appreciate it!

For now, I'm coating those Anzac mongrels in chocolate. Health be damned!


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