Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Blahs

Did you miss me? No post yesterday... serious case of case of the blahs happening yesterday and not even a viewing of "There's No business Like Show Business" could pull me out of it. And if nearly two hours of song and dance and Marilyn can't do it, well, nothing can.

I still managed to put some finishing touches on mums present, and do a little on dads... which I've been avoiding because I've lost my inspiration for it, work out what I might make "The Girls" for xmas and that's about it.

Today, I'm getting out of the house, and not just to do groceries. Although I will need to get a few things (I'm thinking roast chicken for dinner?)
 I'm off to see a Domestic Goddess. (She has a blog too,
We'll exchange magazines, my Vanity Fair for her Delicious, and discuss food, husbands, her kids, other people, her blog, my blog, and the world at large. Or something like that anyway. In the process, the fresh air will blow the cobwebs from my creative corners, the warm sunshine will lighten the dark spots in my mind, and a good friend will give me strength.

Some days, you get lucky like that.


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Kimbo J said...

Right back at you MC xx