Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby Shower Bonanza, Part 6: Something Sentimental

So, I wrote a book for my sister.

No, I'm not suggesting you start writing a novel for the guest of honour at your shower. And it's a not a novel, anyhow.

It's random advice that may or may not be actually helpful.

See, good advice.
I filled this book (almost!) with random thoughts on pregnancy, birth and motherhood-so-far. It's meant to be me when I'm not there, give my sister a giggle when she needs it, and maybe even be a little bit helpful. Sadie called this "Your version of Kaz Cookes book". ( "Up the Duff", totally brilliant, hilarious and actually helpful.) Mine's not as good, but at least it's pretty.

Now, you don't have to fill the book. It's a nice idea to pass this around at the shower and have the guests put in their two cents. Or, just write their best wishes. In another life, say at a Kitchen Tea, this could be filled with recipes.

The choice is yours.



rebecca @ olderandwisor said...

On my page: "Stop now while you're ahead." And right below my lovely words, a condom package. It's advice AND a recipe. Boom.

samantha pereira said...

That's Gold! Bahahaha!