Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baby Shower Bonanza, Part 4, Packaging

 Remember those beautiful tea bags and sugar cubes?

 They need to be presented in something.

Something equally beautiful. These will sit at the place of each of your guests. This gives them a hint of the kind of soiree in store.

This time, I decided to go with clear boxes, that I could decorate and tie with a ribbon. Let's keep it simple people.

Cut some co-ordinating paper to size, dot with strong, double sided tape, and wrap. If you use the skinny, cheap stuff you had left over, the paper will pop right off the plastic. Live and learn people. The first one I did had the paper join in the middle, but from then on I had the join at the very edge at the back. You can now barely see it.

Adding the seal from the invitations ties evey thing in nicely.
Note the Madame Clochette mug in the background!
 And then just keep going and going.
Place the sugar cubes in a little bag of their own.

I'm pulling this odd, smug face because in the other photos I look cranky and double chinned.

This one is perfect.

Repeat. And Repeat.

Pop a packet of sugar in the box, and add teabags. It ended up looking nicer if I held all the tags together and then placed them in the box, just so.

Now tie it all up with a matching ribbon. To get the perfect bow, with even ends, make one side longer than the other. How you tie it will depend on which side needs to be longer.

Demonstrating the craziness...

I'm mainly including this pic because I like the over exposure and my nails.
 I got a little excited using my mini tripod again, so I apologise for all the ribbon tying pics. I know you know how to tie a bow!


Repeat, and repeat...
Soldiers ready for combat?

After all that faffing, a gratuitous shot of the bloody bow...
This pic wasn't taken until after this little one had been to Canberra and back, so it's looking a little frayed. Still pretty!
 And Voila! Thank you gifts, party favours, or bonbon-whatsits.

Next up, a guessing game in a JAR!
Can you imagine my delight?



rebecca @ olderandwisor said...

The shot of all those bows together in a herd makes my heart beat faster.

samantha pereira said...

"A herd"! I love that! They looked beautiful on the table at the shower too, but of course I forgot to take a picture!

disqus_dIb4SuPzAv said...

Exquisite! You out-did yourself with these, a whole other level!!