Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby Shower Bonanza, The Last post: Games and De-brief.

The actual Baby Shower was a couple of weeks ago now.

I flew to Canberra, all by myself, kid and husband free, and spent  a few day with my sister. These were our last moments together, just us girls, for what will probably be quite some time.

We visited my parents in their little country town on the day of a football game, watched a chick flick while eating home delivered noodles,I spent a lazy morning washing my hair, we Baby Showered, we shared pizza with friends, I cooked a meal for my sister and her husband and then I was home again. It went all too fast, but was relaxing and lovely.

The Shower went beautifully.
The Thank you gifts looked beautiful on the table, the venue was lovely, the food and champagne delicious and the time just flew.

That was a problem. It turns out, I over scheduled.

Originally, I had just two games planned; a Guess the Tea game where guests passed unlabelled tea bags around and tried to guess the flavours, and a Royal Baby Quiz; a quiz written by my mum that was REALLY hard. These two games took a bit of time and would've been plenty to do... remember it's customary to open gifts during the shower too!

However, we also had the "Guess the Belly Circumference", The "Boy/Girl Guessing Jar" and the book of advice. At this particular shower, I didn't need the belly measuring or the advice book at all... 

C'est la Vie!

Lots of chatting...

Lots of lovely food... (If you're in Canberra, check out The Burbury - gorgeous view)

and it all looked pretty. I'm including the Champagne in that statement!
Oh, and there were prizes too...

Tea Cup with infuser and tea sample

Tea Cup and saucer with infuser and tea sample

The "just-in-case" extras, infusers and boxes of tea
And that concludes the Baby Shower Bonanza.

Needless to say, I had a ball designing and making all the elements.

But, I had an even better time celebrating with my sister.

Congratulations Sadie. Can't wait to meet the little monster.




Robyna@theMummyandtheMinx said...

It all looks so lovely - I think that you outdid yourself and your sister must have been so overwhelmed.

Dawn Rieniets said...

What a good auntie you are! "Little Monster" love it! X

birdandfox said...

It looks like it was such a lovely baby shower! Love the little thank you gifts, too. And I always think it's better to have over-planned and decide to cut something rather than be left with lots of extra time and people twiddling their thumbs! You should be very proud :)

samantha pereira said...

Thank you! I really should have cut something out, but you're right, we weren't bored!

samantha pereira said...

My sister calls it a parasite at the moment, so surely "Little Monster" is a step in the right direction?

samantha pereira said...

Aw thanks Robyna, I am not-so-quietly pleased with myself and Sadie had a great time, so win/win!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Gorgeous sounding weekend Sam. I'll bet your sister was super happy with the shower.

(now...ahem...where's the bread :-)

Dawn Rieniets said...

They go from parasites to monsters quite quickly don't they!?!