Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby Shower Bonanza, Part 5, Girl Or Boy Guessing Jar

This was just a little something extra. A "just because". I also have a problem with jars.

Take one jar.
Pick a fat one.
Next, decorate with a paper doily, a piece of leftover invitation paper and a ribbon.

Keeping it simple.
Then, on pieces of "scrap" paper left over from the printing of said invitations, stamp "Boy" and "Girl". Repeat.

It's a 50/50 shot...

Here's the deal: Guests choose which sex the baby will be, and the name the parents will choose, write their own name on the paper and pop it in the jar. After the Bub is born, the brand new mum and dad open the jar and see what crazy ideas people had. Oh, and if someone actually guesses right... I'll send them a prize.

(This will not work if the mum and dad to-be blab about the names on their list. Although, people aren't always listening to crazy-about-to-be-parents.)


What's your guess?

Next, I wrote a book.



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