Friday, February 28, 2014

Smile, You're Home


Where do you put them? On a hook, in a dish, or perhaps you never know where they are and find them in odd places, like the freezer?

We were using a dinky little key holder from Ireland, a souvenir from Mr Frogs many travels. It did the job. But, it was dated.

So, during a recent trip to Kaisercraft, Mr Frog suggested "we" make one, killing two birds with one stone; a project for me, and a fancy new place to hang the keys.

Sometimes Mr Frog gives me a hard time about my crafts (usually the mess) and sometimes... he's my enabler!

We spent ages deciding on a word, forgoing the more predictable "Paris" for an optimistic "Smile". This is the most simple tutorial you'll ever see.
I traced  around the word on the right side of the paper. Mr Frog loves orange, it goes with the awesome Aboriginal artwork we have hanging in the entrance, and I already had the paper in my stash. Already had = free.

I thought I'd taken more pictures, but obviously not. Never mind.
I painted the edges and front of the word in grey, glued on the paper with some PVA, then when it was dry, sanded the edges using a nail file. (Or if you wanna be blokey about it use sand paper, but trust me, the file works!)
Then I hammered in some hooks, semi evenly spaced on the bottom of the letters. Let me tell you... I love to hammer!

Hammering the doo-hickeys in to actually hang it proved a little trickier. That nail on the right actually pokes out a bit on the side. Woops.

I got better though.

Voila. New key holder.

Smile sunshine, you're home.



Kimbo J said...

I'm even more impressed now that I know you made it yourself- cool! And a nice way to be greeted after a hard day's work :)

Sam said...

We bought the word... I just made it pretty, and practical!

Anonymous said...

I do like a partner that encourages craftiness!
Looks great Sam.