Monday, February 17, 2014

Old Mother Hubbard

Unlike the old lady, my cupboard isn't bare. Actually, it wasn't even a cupboard, it was a book case.

When Mr Frog was doing the house hunting, I told him what was important to me... gas stove, cupboard space, dining room, 3rd bedroom etc. And while the poor love certainly did his best, and found us a lovely place to call home, the kitchen, is well.... Shit.

No cupboard space. Oh there are cupboards, but very few and they're super small. And most importantly, there is NO PANTRY. I had a tiny little one in my last place and was so looking forward to having a nice normal sized one where I could enjoy buying in bulk.

It wasn't to be.

Until we headed to IKEA and bought a pantry, made all fancy by having part glass doors.

Behold, the stocking of the pantry.

All of this... plus I'm sure there are a few things hiding on the floor... (that's the old book case in the middle of the kitchen)

... went in here. All the pretty things went up the top, and the rest down below. No, I don't have matching cannisters, or Tupperware. What I do have are matching labels, and I was quite happy to find that they make it all look pretty.

Mr Frog went crook at me for taking a photo with crap all over the bin. However, I'm a real person, I have a baby, a life, and I was way too excited about my pantry to notice!

Small things make me happy. 

An organised pantry. A styled bookcase. (Yes I feel a bit naff saying "styled" but why not put a bit of love into the ordinary?) And room for my bargain buys out in the laundry on the old pantry bookcase.

Are you organised? Or do you throw things in and close the door real quick?



Kimbo J said...

So pretty! You're right in that it doesn't matter that you don't have matching containers as you have the labels to tie it together. My pantry is a whole heap of odds and end containers at I have accumulated over time, so I did get Pantry Envy when girlfriends got the whole matching Tupperware set.
My pantry that I thought was so HUGE when we moved in got quickly filled up with all my extra ingredients. Thank goodness for Howard's Storage world ;)

Reanna Clark said...

Nope, I love being organised too! Almost too much haha. You colourful mis-matched jars and matching labels looks awesome though!

Sam said...

Aaah Howard... good man :)

Sam said...

I didn't even buy those jars... they're coffee jars I probably pinched from somewhere! (and thanks!)

Nicole said...

Loved getting a sneak into your pantry Sam! I think they can really give you an insight into someone's personality- so interesting!

Sam said...

O.k, well now you have to tell what you gleaned from my pantry... I'm intrigued!

disqus_dIb4SuPzAv said...

I think an organised pantry makes me feel more prepared for cooking. If I feel prepared, more likely I will actually cook!