Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What a Card!

I love a good card, be it birthday, anniversary or just for no reason. The problem is, the nicest ones are at least $5 a pop. Add up all the lovely occasions that call for a card over the year and that's a lot of money spent.

Card making is one of the easiest ways to get your craft on. You can sit in front of the t.v at night and have one made by the end of an episode of NCIS. You can go crazy with all sorts of embellishments, or get into stamping, or even cheat and use a cleverly cut piece of scrapbook paper.

Here are a couple of cards I've been rustling up over the last week...

I cut out the butterflies on the scrapbook page, stuck a couple down flat, and left a few free to fly.

I still don't have a fancy stamp, so I very carefully hand write Happy Birthday and add a few more butterflies.

A sticker and some cut up paper...

A new stamp and creative use of the ink pads plus one more sticker.

Some paper, foam sticky dots, and some bling...

Some cut out hearts and my dodgy handwriting.

Now, a pack of 10, plain cards is $2, or I can get the pearlised pack of 6 for $2.50... when I use the supplies I already have, I call that free, but lets say I use $2 worth of embellishments etc. That's $2.20 a card. Plus, I get all the joy from making something for someone I care about with my own hands.... and that my friends, is Priceless!!

Here's to saving money, and having a good time doing it!

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