Sunday, May 26, 2013

Au Francais!

Last week, I finished the second canvas for bubs room. While sticking with the same colours, and papers, I went a little French this time... given I am having a tadpole.

I painted another canvas cream, along with left over letters from the  $3 pack I used for the alphabet. I splurged on the wooden Eiffel Tower, but already had the Fleur de Lys. The papers are from the pages I already started cutting up for the first canvas.

Using PVA glue sparingly, I arranged the squares in a somewhat co-ordinated fashion. If you look closely you'll see there's a bit of canvas poking through here and there...that's why I painted it first!!

Some artful arranging, some hot glue et voila!

So, next up there's a tissue box cover I couldn't pass up for $3, a cream lamp that was given to us is crying out for a new lampshade, and Mr Frog fell in love with a wooden tree when we visited Kaisercraft last week... I am yet to work out how to decorate any of these things but they do help to take my mind off the foot currently lodged in my ribcage.
There's also I chest of drawers I've had forever that needs some fresh melamine edging, some new handles, and hopefully a vinyl Eiffel Tower stuck on the front...
Then I really need to start arranging all this stuff and work out where to put what...
Yikes, good thing I enjoy doing this stuff huh?

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