Monday, May 13, 2013

Not dead, Just Distracted!

Yes, it's been ages. Yes, I forgive you for thinking I'd just given the whole thing up. Yes, I've been a bit slack.

But I'm back!

And up the duff.

Well, I was the last time I posted too, just not so open about it. Now I'm huge there's just no denying it. And while it means that my cocktail bag making days are on hold for now, it doesn't mean I've been idle.

There's been some card making...

 A little something for hubbys' first day at work

There's been DVD cabinet painting... which I won't show you because it's just boring white, but let me just say it nearly killed me!

There's been a little present for me...

And now I'm all about the baby's room...

I'm in the middle of making hanging fabric flowers... pics coming soon.... yes, I mean soon, not in a few months!

Meanwhile, it's off to Spotlight for a few supplies :)

MC x

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