Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eat Your Sprouts! Yes, I Said Sprouts.

Brussel Sprouts.

People often have very strong feelings about them.

I LOVE them. In winter I eat sprouts like they're going out of style.

Halved and sauteed in butter, oil and garlic. Sometimes with a little bacon thrown in. That's all you need. In fact if they're cooked properly (steamed or sauteed, not boiled and then boiled again), then all you need is a little butter and salt and pepper.

Forget what you think you know, and try it.

Or try this. I could eat pasta all day every day, and quite frequently did when I was a poor singleton. But Mr Frog... Not so much. But this recipe, he LOVES!

After trimming the ends and less lovely outer leaves, halve and then finely slice your sprouts.

You want a lovely pile like this, but quantities vary depending on size of sprouts, and frankly, the size of your people. This is about enough for two people.

Dice a couple of rashers of bacon, chop some garlic, and lightly toast some chopped almonds. Faff about arranging them just so, so you can take a bloody picture.

Then take another one.

Next, throw some olive oil in a pan and start cooking your bacon. Once it gets going, throw in the sprouts. As they soften, add the garlic, and cook, until the thickest pieces of sprouts (the stem bits) are just tender.

Meanwhile, cook your pasta (I like spirals for this, but you choose) and reserve a little of the cooking water. Drain and then throw it into the pan of cooked sprouts. Stir well, and add some of that water.

Serve with the chopped almonds scattered ever so artfully on top, and parmesan.

Trust me, it's delish!

Bon Appetit!



Kimbo J said...

Yum!! I have only recently been introduced to sprouts as my father Despised! them. We have them roasted with, well, a roast! Michelle Bridges also does a yummy chicken and sprout stir fry...

Anonymous said...

Yes to a big bowl of that please! Sprouts and I have only become recent friends as finally I understand how to cook them. Boiled, and boiled again like you said...dear god what were people thinking??

Sam said...

Mmm, roast!

Sam said...

I know, generations of people doing awful things to sprouts. So sad. If only they knew what we know!