Friday, April 4, 2014

Odd Jobs

Since moving into our new rental, Mr Frog and I have been happily decorating all over the place. Trying out the stuff we already have, wishing for new stuff, making do, and occasionally actually buying when there's not much choice (for example, the pantry.)

Of course, my craftiness helps us out every now and then.

First up, a tissue box cover for the bathroom, which is really starting to look "finished". We bought a paper mache cover, then realised that the cheap tissues we buy from Aldi are not only shorter in length, but higher, if you follow. That means to actually have the tissues covered and not peaking out the bottom, I'd have to either buy more expensive tissues, or extend the cover.

So I extended the cover. Like an idiot.

It involved a bit of faffing...

First, eat an entire box of Cheezels on your own ( I did this over days, but I coulda done it faster!).
Raid the recycling bin for said box and start cutting.

Make a bunch of "planks" but glueing a few pieces together, trying to match the thickness of the cover.

Then get totally jack of the whole caper while having to stop and start while looking after the baby, and forget to take any more pictures.

Just finish the damn thing already.

That's a fabulous piece of scrapbooking paper from Kaisercraft.

 (Looks totally awesome if you ask me... no word from Mr Frog yet)

Next, we went mental with herbs, in pots on the deck. I love them.

 Mr Frog wasn't sure what was what, so, I made labels..

These were also made in stages, because that's my life now.

There was a bit of mucking about working out the best way to write in the clay (toothpick and water), and in the end I'm not sure I like them. Plus, I'm not sure if they'll disintegrate. I used air drying clay from the $2 shop, a bargain at $3.75. According to the packet, it dries to "earthenware hardness". I'll probably give them a coat of PVA or something just to help them out... but I'm not sold yet.

Do you think I should paint them?

Anyhoo, I had left over clay, so I made this...

Yes, that's a piece of wrapping paper in that frame. I'm so arty.

So that's what's been keeping me busy.

Now, I'm getting ready for this...

Come and see me!



Lisa O'Connor said...

Haha loved the in depth explanation of how you did the tissue box! You need a GoPro permanently mounted to your head so you don't forget to take photos ;)
And yes, I think the herb signs need a little something... they're pretty cool though!

Sam said...

Hmmm.. GoPro... food for thought...
As for my herb signs... yes they need a little something! But what, I ask you!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

That flower rocks my world. And the "art" in my bathroom is framed wrapping paper. I suppose that means you're my kind of people?

Sam said...

I like to think I am :) But I bow down to the Queen Of Wrapping your Crap :)

Kimbo J said...

Love the rose - I thought it was some profesh piccie you'd found online!
I have seen some beautiful herb signs at some of the markets; my favorites were ones made from antique spoons and forks, but at $15 a pop I wasn't going to buy the 7 or so I needed! I actually don't have any signs for my herbs; luckily they are distinct enough that I can tell the difference
(and if you can get your coriander to repropagate, please let me know how!!)

Kimbo J said...


Sam said...

Oh my GODS! GLITTER!!!!!

Sam said...

I love those signs too, but I'm too poor for them :( Meanwhile Mr Frog reckons he doesn't need the signs any more, so they may just end up in the back of the cupboard until I'm inspired.

disqus_dIb4SuPzAv said...

Love the wrapping paper ;) and LOVE the tissue box!!