Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bless You

I finally made a decision on the Tissue Box cover I bought purely because it was on sale for $3.

After painting the sides cream and the top dark brown, I was stuck on where to go next. So many options. I could keep it simple, get all folksy, or not.

A couple of coats of my rapidly running out cream paint...

After going through the papers I originally bought for the baby's room, I realised I had an entire page I hadn't used yet. I also realised, that sometimes, simple really is better.

Glue on some paper and you're done. Mind the dodgy paint job.

Who really needs a more fancy tissue box cover than this?
Next up, is a lamp revamp and also a chest of drawers spruce up. It's looking as though I'll need to compromise on both of these projects, given time, but mostly budget restrictions. This makes me a little sad, but then again, I do love a challenge.
I also need to change the amount of pink bows on this:

Mr Frog feels it really is too girly, and seeing as there's a 50/50 chance we're having a boy... I have to change it. A fiddly job, but I feel it needs something extra anyway.
Six weeks till my due date... place your bets if you think I'll go early or late! (Pray for early... I'm HUGE!)


Duchess said...

I'm voting early - because you're right, you are huge!!
And I would also like a tissue box of my own - this is the perfect size for the bathroom. Where did you get the box from? I'll have to make one in orange and one in green to go with our two different colour themes (depending on the towels)!

Sam said...

I got the cover from Spotlight, when they had 30% off Paper Mache stuff. Technically, you could make one if you couldn't find any :)