Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Someday, Soon...

For the last few years, I've had in mind a fabulous scenario....
Something a little like this... (If you own this photo, email me so I can credit you)

I'm working in my studio, a building separate from our gorgeous white weatherboard. I'm working on new designs; I'm on the phone with stores that sell my handmade wares; I'm popping into one of those stores to check on my stock; I'm meeting with a customer about their custom design; I'm home when the kids get home from school; I'm making dinner; enjoying a wine and a laugh with Mr Frog; I'm making a bit of money; and life is good.
Perhaps I'll need a little more room, but could it be any cuter? (Via Pinterest,"Found on

It's only since the birth of my daughter that that little scenario has been fleshed out in my head, clear enough that I can hear the sounds that go along with it. It's almost a memory.

I thought I had been working hard enough on my little business. I thought I was doing the best I could. And to some degree perhaps I was. The last two years have been hard. I didn't know having a baby and raising that person was going to be so hard. And time consuming. And energy sucking. And did I mention time consuming?
I couldn't possibly know how awesome, and how exhausting, motherhood could be.

A few weeks ago, we put the Tadpole into Family Daycare. It took ages for me to "get around" to arranging it. I kept "forgetting" to check out childcare centres and look into Family Daycare. I felt too guilty. It's not like I'm going back to work. (I'd still feel guilty but that would be different.) It's mostly so I can have a break to do what I want to do. To take some time just for me. Could I BE more selfish?!

It's just one day a week.

Tadpole thinks it's awesome.
She loves it because she gets to do stuff like this all the time!

And I am becoming the business woman I always hoped I really was.

Creative people really struggle with the business side of trying to make a living out of their talents. I really struggle.

But that scene in my head just won't quit.

So neither will I.

What's the scene in your head? What do you want your life to look like?

Tell me!


I made these. And I took the photo, did the editing, made it fancy and even did a photo shoot of the bags in action. I'm the BOSS!

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