Thursday, July 16, 2015

Love Notes

Here is a little something nice to do for the ones you love.

First, make some biscuits/cookies/slice or similar. Try not to eat them all yourself.

Next, write some lovely things on some tiny post-its or note paper. Hell, you can even write them on scrap. The point here is to be specific. It's great to hear " I love you", it's even better to hear "I love you because...". I made these for Mr Frog, so they were all things I love about him, but you can do this for anyone. I imagine they'd be especially well received by someone going through a tough time (new mums, for example). Use your imagination and write loving thoughts.

Next, cut some baking paper so that you can easily wrap a couple of bikkies, or a piece of slice, without too much overhang. Place your treat on the paper, add your little note and wrap. I simply folded my ends and tucked them underneath, but you can use tape (washi tape would be awesome) if you wish. Then tie them with string, because who doesn't love things tied with string?

Repeat until you've used all the treats or you've run out of things to say.

Voila! You're done and you've just done something lovely for the one you love.

 Sometimes it really is this easy to make someone happy.


P.S Mr Frog has taken to returning home from work and quoting his note of the day to me... he looks very pleased with himself!


Gisela Gunthorpe said...

I sometimes make little bundles, just like these (with cookies, baking paper, and twine) and pop them in the kids' lunchboxes. Sometimes, when feeling especially domestic, I might even bake them early in the morning, wrap them in cloth (love notes inside) and place them in cold hands while the biscuits are still hot. They love it! ;)

samantha pereira said...

Fabric and hot bikkies in cold hands...? Divine! These will be a definite must in future lunch boxes...gah! Can't think that far ahead, too scary!

Kim Jasper said...

Such a cute idea - if only I was the one who made the lunches ....

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Such a lovely idea Madame Clochette :-)
Love it.

samantha pereira said...

I'm sure you'll find someone to do it for... or perhaps leave this post lying around in front of the lunch makers eyes!

samantha pereira said...

A corny idea, but I *do* love corny! :)