Friday, November 8, 2013

"Tis Almost the Season

This is to be the Tadpoles' first xmas. Granted, it will pass her by in a whirl of paper and presents she'll have no comprehension of, she'll be almost six months old after all, but I wanted to start a new tradition.
In fact, tradition is suddenly a very interesting topic to me. We have traditions already, grown up ones that are a mixture of French, Australian and our very own made-up ones.

1. The tree goes up on December 1st. There is sparkling wine involved, always. Often, the date changes because, hey, that's life.
2. The weeks leading up to xmas involve me pre-making as much of the festive food, and foodie gifts as possible. I'ts a very happy time for me!
3. On xmas eve, I prepare a range of canapes, while drinking sparkling, to be eaten while watching Carols by Candlelight and taking the piss out of everyone on stage. Except Marina Prior. She is untouchable. Everyone else is fair game. (I know, not in the xmas spirit but still, it's fun!)

4. As is the French tradition, we open gifts on xmas eve, but not at Midnight like you're supposed to and only those from each other.
5. This is because on xmas morning we open everything else.
6. I spend the rest of the day cooking. And we eat.

Nothing happens on Boxing day, because until recently Mr Frog and I have always been working. So, I need to get a new tradition for that day.

Until then, my newest addition to tradition is The Advent Calendar. I know nothing about it (perhaps someone could enlighten me?) but a daily dose of chocolate will make Mr Frog very happy... at least until he has to share with the Tadpole!

Here is the process of making my own in pictures:

The shelving, painted cream

The back board with picture

A work in progress
The drawers

Decorating is easy with a sticker sheet

Gluing the back board on

Voila, the finished product.... for now.

I'm still considering adding to the shadow box, but for now it's done. Now I can focus on the xmas gifts I plan to make.

I'm thinking Sleeping masks, bath salts, lip balm, and of course all the food!

What traditions do you have?



K said...

Can't quite tell the scale from the shots, looks big enough to fit plenty of goodies for Mr Frog AND Tadpole!

Sam said...

Big enough for a few choccies... so there's no fighting!

Pearlin J said...

loved reading about the things you do for Christmas The Advent Calender is lovely. I'm thinking of a stocking garland.Lets see how it goes :)

Kimbo J said...

We have a beautiful wooden advent calendar given to Jack by his great grandmother when he was born (when it was heavily discounted - clever lady!) and I have to remember very carefully whose turn it is to put up the ornament!
Otherwise our traditions are pretty similar to yours, except presents opened on Christmas morning in our PJs.
And as I'm hosting the family Christmas lunch this year, I'll be on the lookout for something cute and little to make as a table setting/bonbonniere (and will happily take any suggestions!!)

Sam said...

Oooh, I love special ornaments... makes it so much more, well, special!
Hosting xmas will be fab ( we both so love the prep!) and as for the bonbonniere... my head is buzzing with ideas! Fun!

Megan said...

LOVE creating new traditions. As everything around you changes, traditions become even more important. The Advent Calendar is beautiful! A wonderful new tradition.