Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary

The other day, Mr Frog and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. The fourth anniversary of the original wedding day (there were three in total).
Normally, we'd go out to dinner or something, but hubby had work to do and would be late home so it was up to me to make it special.
Normally, I'd go mad cooking all day, making something time consuming, delicious and best eaten at a leisurely pace.
But this is the new normal. We now have a Tadpole, and my energy is spread pretty thin. So instead, I made only two canapes (boconccini, tomato and basil bites, and peach wrapped in proscuitto), bought a frozen pizza, a bag of salad, and a box of Bounty icecreams for dessert.
The idea was that I'd have more energy to actually spend some quality time with Mr Frog.
Normally it would have been a great plan.
Tadpole had other ideas!

Anyhoo, Mr Frog also got ripped off in the gift department... Handmade chocolates. Not fancy ones from the shop, I mean handmade by me.

Yep, that's blue glitter. Don't worry, it's edible!

A little scrapbook paper, some red cardboard, a rub on and some black ribbon.

 He was very polite and is thoroughly enjoying them.



Kimbo J said...

I would say that handmade chocolates score more points than shop bought. You know, for future reference....

Sam said...

Duly noted :)

K said...

Edible glitter! There's such a thing? They look delish, and I reckon you're doing pretty well on the anniversary evening plans all things considered. Happy anniversary, is it really 4 years already? x

Sam said...

Edible glitter is THE best thing EVER!!