Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Creative Life and Writers Block

I have some serious writers block.

I'm sitting here staring at the blinking cursor in front of me trying to put together a witty sentence about making Compote, or even a vaguely amusing anecdote about any kind of creative endeavor I've pursued over the last little while.

It's not even a little while. This is some serious blockage.

While it's true that I've always got something creative on the go, writing about those things doesn't always come easy. Maybe it's because I don't always feel that my crafty shenanigans are all that interesting. Certainly not quite interesting enough to use the term shenanigans. Perhaps I've overdosed on Social media and actually don't have anything left to say...

Pfft. Nah... that can't be it.

For now, I'm going to do what any blocked blogger would do and hit you with a bunch of photos that never made it into a proper blog post.

Chopping like a crazy lady because the French in the family like to eat compote... a lot.

Fruit plus water, plus a little cinnamon. Simmer till soft. Puree. Voila. I'm SURE I had a picture of massive batch all jar'd up, but who knows where it is.

I drink tea the way I'd like to drink wine. All. The. Time.
I made fancy tags for when I do markets. These are the new and old. HUGE difference!
All my Bridal bags (and custom made bags) come with their own dust cover... blatantly branded of course.
Playing with my market set-up. Again. I'm never entirely happy. This time I added some fairy lights and I think I'll try and incorporate light in some way in the future.

Marketing, Pub Style

The Evelyn Pub, Fitzroy, Melbourne. The site of my last market.

There really has been more going on. I swear. I'm sure. I think.

Check my Instagram feed... I'm sure I'm managing to at least post on there, where words are optional.  


I'll be back just as soon as I get clear.

Do you get writers block? Do you have any tricks to get rid of it? Share you greedy bugger!

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