Sunday, August 24, 2014

Here Comes the Bride

Don't panic. Mr frog and I are not getting married for the fourth time.

I'm doing this:

My first Wedding Fair.

Since making a beautiful bag for my sisters wedding a few years ago (including bags for me and her other bridesmaid), I've been meaning to get into the Wedding Biz.

It's just that, well...

I'm a chicken. A big fat one.

It seems the fear of failure is WAY stronger than not only common sense, but optimism too.

But then Bailey from The Vintage Press made me an incredibly generous offer that I just couldn't refuse. I couldn't say no to an offer of support from someone whose market table makes me drool, could I?


So. I've been preparing like a maniac.

The early stages, cutting out fabric.

Machine sewing...

...and some hand sewing.

Apparently posing for pictures while working is very serious business. Also, I admit I seriously considered putting make up on and changing my clothes to take these pictures. That just seemed like too much work.

Anyhoo, I've made a collection of Bridal bags for the big day. I mean, my big day. And maybe yours.
Ivory silk lined in blue satin (for your "something blue")

For the retro/natural bride.

Inspired by my original wedding dress, Broderie Anglaise over pink satin.

Simple; white satin and some gold bling.

Inspired by Vera Wang, Pink chiffon over white satin.

Sexy bridesmaids.
"Something blue" coin purses.

Yeah... I've been busy.

Not only did I need to make new bags, but I needed to change my table set up. Obviously, for the expo I won't have my regular bags and book covers, it'll just be bridal stuff. So, here's how my mock up looked:
The photo album will have pictures of Madame Clochette bags in action, and some of my other bags.

The LOVE sign has been painted a dark red.

I'm still undecided about the flowers

I love how these ladies look against the black and white.

Then of course there are packaging, and dust covers, and order forms to be made...

Ok, they didn't have to, but how cool do they look!?

All of this has been done in between looking after Mr Frog and Tadpole. 10 minutes here, half an hour there. It has been incredibly frustrating, and all consuming.

The big day is nearly here.

Cross your fingers people.

And your toes.

And pray.

And hope,
 that my instincts are right.



rebecca @ olderandwisor said...

WHAT???? These are GORGEOUS!!! I have oh so little patience for sewing (can't just caulk and paint over mistakes - BOO), and can't even imagine the time these must have taken. I hope you sell out!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

They look gorgeous lovely.

But it tasted good.. said...

How super exciting! They look great :)

Joan@AZestyLife said...

Looks terrific. Best of luck!!