Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh No You Didn't!

Oh yes. I did.

I used powdered potato. Out of a packet.

And I liked it.

I'll do it again.

Let me explain...

I made Pea and Mint Soup. No great mystery there, some onion, a little garlic, a heap of mint, (did I add a little lemon myrtle? Can't rememeber) Blitzed, served with a dollop of sour cream (naughty!) and some crispy bacon pieces.

However, I had a little too much stock, and I like my soup to fill me up a bit, so I often add a diced potato to my soups. But I had none.

So I used this...

It worked a treat.

I'd like to thank Nigella for the inspiration and the guiltless, slightly smug feeling I'm enjoying right now.

What's your dirty secret trick?



Kimbo J said...

Oh, only because you shared first. I will admit to cooking muffins/cake from a packet, but it was when I had to provide morning tea each week for work (and this was the easiest way to get reimbursed). By the end I worked out which ones were good and which not.
I also use pasta sauce in a jar. Must be done as I am not Italian :) But I balance this out by having made curry paste from scratch several times

Sam said...

The curry paste is a free pass to cheat on ANYTHING! Respect!