Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's beginning to Feel Nothing Like Xmas!

We moved house a week ago.

Yes, a week and a half before xmas, we moved house. Dumb. I know. But that's just how it is.

Needless to say there is crap every where and we are very slowly making progress with the unpacking. While everyone else is looking for the xmas decorations they stashed sometime in January, I'm looking for the dinner plate I packed just over a week ago.


We're a little xmassy...

That is my feeble attempt at a card xmas tree. Technically the power point balances it out. "Hanging" on the blue card is the bauble my mum bought for Tadpoles' first xmas. "Oh but you have to have a tree" she says to me. "I can't find the cutlery" I say to her. 

It's not all bad. I still have my new advent calendar. It's fun when you forget for a few days and end up with quite a collection of choccies.

Tadpoles' first xmas is not quite the one I had in mind. That's o.k. She won't know. Not till she's old enough to hear the story about the xmas we stupidly moved house and mummy made a card xmas tree.

That story will never get old.

What are your memorable xmas stories?
Happy Holidays everyone, see you in the new year, when Madame Clochette gets all shiny and new-ish.



Anonymous said...

It will be funny tale and one often told. No cutlery but damn, that card tree looked good :-)
Hope you find the rest of your stuff, and looking forward to your shiny and newish-ness!

Steph @ this brown wren said...

Can you email me your new address lovely lady? It's hard to muster Christmas spirit when things are so crazy. Rest up and make sure you've got something yummy to eat. That's all that matters xxx

Megan said...

If you had to have a xmas that was chaotic, one while the Tadpole is so young was a good choice!

Many a memorable Christmas for me... 1. One Christmas Eve, I flew back from an interstate girls trip. Having consumed way too many beverages for days, I was so hungover on Christmas Day that I could barely eat anything. Never made that mistake twice! 2. In Belgium, drinking mulled wine in the streets while Christmas shopping as people ice-skated nearby. Just like I imagined a snowy European Christmas to be. 3. Getting up close and personal with falcons (the feathered variety!). Not traditional but very memorable. 4. First family Christmas for ten years with all of my siblings and no need for skype. The true meaning of Christmas!

Sam said...

#1 Hilarious!!
#2 I hope to replicate in France next year :)
#3 Bizarre but fabulous. My first Melbourne xmas saw me out at a bar on Christmas night. That was bizarre, but not as exotic!
#4 Enjoy every single crazy moment x