Monday, January 14, 2013


I am still a huge fan of arts and crafts in their simplest forms. Play dough, finger painting, chalk on the foot path. So, I was basically embracing my inner child when I made these table runners for the xmas coffee table. (Little apartment, no room for a proper dining table. This does not prevent me from hosting dinner parties though... trust me!)
I made two, so that I could throw out the dirty one from xmas eve and use a fresh one xmas day. And it was too much fun to just do one.

Use a cardboard cutout of a star (or whatever) as a template for your potato stamper, remembering to make sure there's enough spud to actually hang on to.

Dab potato in paint and stamp away!
Of course I don't have any decent shots of the table fully loaded with food etc, but they worked a treat. I was very happy with myself.
Try it next time you have a dinner party, perhaps using some butchers paper for larger tables.

Have fun!


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